I am Jill's crooked smile


together at last

Spent the last thirty minutes being a weepy crying gay baby.


Don’t ever fall in love with me.  I will learn how to do origami just so I can make you a swan every morning and lay it gently on your forehead so when you wake up and roll over you crush it and feel bad that you did that.  Don’t ever fall in love with me.


*looks at drawing of fictional boy* boys arent so bad i guess
*sees a real boy* i was wrong




Suzy speaking the truth

And that’s why every woman who wears make-up always wears their make-up while they’re just sitting around the house alone, doing fuck all, right?

Oh wait, no they don’t.

Women, almost universally, only wear make-up when they are going to be seen. In other words, they wear it so that they will look better to other people - both men and women.

So unless all the women who wear make-up have started wearing it every second they’re at home, I’m gonna go ahead and call bull shit.

I think the confusion here comes from both sides of this silly argument making assumptions.

Just because women wear makeup, it doesn’t mean they think they’re ugly or want the approval of others.

But the same can be said about women saying they just like wearing makeup. It doesn’t mean they like it because it’s fun to put on. They might just enjoy looking pretty, whether it’s for others, or for themselves.

Whether or not  individual women want to look pretty for the approval of others is up for debate.

also I know for a fact that certain people do put crazy make up on just to sit around the house

also Suzy is a gem

Thank you for being reasonable tex and I do know for a fact that some people DO just wear makeup at home or put it on for giggles. I do. Many of my friends do. So uh yeah


multicolored friends lesbian friendsmulticolored lesbian friends


multicolored friends 
lesbian friends
multicolored lesbian friends


*gets gay married during the purge*

Is it morally acceptable to eat coffee beans?


Well, it depends on whether you like eating coffee beans or not. If you don’t like eating coffee beans, then according to utilitarianism you are committing a morally disagreeable act.



i found some hidden selfies i forgot to delete on my phone today and since i’m digging how i look today also i’m dumpin them here. Yr all welcome :~))

Das my hair clip on my beautiful son!!! (In the first pic)

Das my flower crown looking eighty times better on my friend. God dang it